About Us

Hey Mufreir is a Podcast by Brian Sapp.  Who is Brian Sapp, well that's a complicated question and the reason for the Podcast?  Brian is an entrepreneur and medical professional who also has ADD!  This Podcast will include all types of subject matter, really anything that Brian finds fascinating or things that he thinks need to be looked at from multiple perspectives.   Throughout his medical carrier, he found his patient's stories of how they became who they are fascinating.  He has some crazy stories of his own and many friends and colleagues who he wished to put a spotlight on and let them share their passions and funny stories. 


MUFREIR (MOO-FRAIR) is a transitive noun. It can mean many things depending on its use. For instance "Hey Mufreir, do you want to go grab a beer?"  In this instance, it means "friend or buddy".  "Hey Mufreir, are you going to take out the trash for the fifth time!"  In this case, it means something a little different.  My wife and I use Mufreir as our public way of expressing our feelings and it took a life of its own.  I decided to share with the world our little secret phrase and thus the Hey Mufreir Podcast.